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4th Hong Kong Digital Entertainment Industry Fresh Graduate Support Scheme (2020 Program Year): Eligibility

The 4th Support Scheme is conducted in two phases, namely the 2020 Program Year and the 2021 Program Year. The eligible applying graduates (Graduate Applicants) should be:
  • Permanent resident of Hong Kong;
  • Students graduated in 2018 to 2020 should apply for 2020 Program Year and students graduated in 2019 to 2021 should apply for 2021 Program Year;
  • Graduates of full time courses in universities and institutes (local and overseas) in related subjects, i.e. digital entertainment, mobile software development, game development, digital creative media, design (multi-media, game, graphic, 2D or 3D, etc.), multi-media production or communications, interaction design, programming, etc.; and
  • With no full-time working experience in the DE industry prior to the application (the prior internship and summer job experience would not be counted as full-time working experience).
Interested graduates may apply for the eligible program year according to their year of graduation with illustration as below: 
Year of graduation       2020 Program Year